Mind Mending Music Alex Lahey – Everydays a weekend

My adoration of the young and talented Australian Alex Lahey started as an accident, some would probably dare call the coincidence destiny. One night I fell asleep listening to KEXP and woke up while this song was playing. It suffices to say that it really woke me up. I looped it on YouTube for probably an few hours after that, with goosebumps on my skin every time the chorus started. Through the year it became my most played song of the year gifting me so much fun joy and active positive energy on a day to day basis.
But I want to tell all those MILF and DILF hunters out there to come and listen to this song and make it your anthem. Like the communists used to feel a sense of unification and pride listening to the Internationale, so I want you to feel while hearing this. Every time you hear it know there is somebody like you, completely heads over heels for someone they shouldn’t be. Maybe someone with a family, while you wrestle with the thought, will I ever be as important as them?
But as young Alex says, Let’s ride this wave to shore. Some things in life are temporary, for better or for worse. Nothing good comes from worrying about things out of our control. Remember to enjoy that mature body while it lasts.

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