Home and the World by Rabinandrath Tagore – Exiting the,, Cave,, 

Tagore is a role that model for me in a lot of ways, as well as one of the most beautiful craftsmen of the written word. Aside from from my desire to one day write and love every day sentence with such a loyal madness that he does, I would also like to create a dynasty of intellectuals and artists like his was. But onto the book. This book is filled with an abundance of commentary on the state, the oppressor, the oppressed, all the good and bad that come from all those products of various civilizations existing on our marvelous world ( contrary to the anegdotes TV news stations rape our minds with on a daily basis. But I won’t focus on any of that in this post about such a brilliant multilayered work of fiction, which rings more true on every page than actual experience does or would. What interests me the most is Bimala as the person just brought out Plato’s cave, sort of against her own will, by her husband, who, nevertheless, had the best intentions in mind. Nikhil naively concludes that everything will be all right, once Bimala,, steps into the light,,. Experiencing a whole new world for the first time won’t have any negative consequences. Sadly, he is does not realize the state of mind such a person has, forgetting his own growth and accommodation to the completeness of the exterior world, especially the frenzy inducing effects it has following the initial exposure. Once she wraps her mind around the she becomes entranced by the intensity of the whole. Developing the need for more and more stimuli she falls for Sandips charms, like a bee flying towards a flower with the most intently colored petals she has ever encountered. Sandip, a volcano of passions, who’s numerous eruptions shall severely burn her along the way. It only makes sense that such a impulse desiring addict, as Bimala, would pick and side with Sandip that with her,, golden mean,, of a husband. We need wisdom, patience and care when we decide to guide a person out of the cave we realize they dwell in. The outside can be as intoxicating as it is initially frightening as well as confusing. And consistently loving, step by step approach might be the best way

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