Most Played Songs of 2021

39 of my favorite and most played song of 2021. From classic iconic songs, to indie stuff with barely a thousand plays.

This Corrosion by The Sisters of Mercy

Dreamy Goth Metal at its finest.

Public Image by Public Image

Johnny is everything but an rotten apple on this one.

Chelsea by Elvis Costllo and The Attractions

A rollercoaster of a song, in all the best ways.

Whole Lotta Rosie by AC/DC

Some of the most impressive displays of guitar playing.

The Passenger by Iggy Pop

Iggy Pop plus David Bowie equals iconic song.

Poor Poor Pittiful Me by Warren Zevon

Brilliant songwriter with a great sense of humor at his peak.

I?m Stranded by The Saints

Punk song from the 70s but sounds new and fresh.

Gloria by Patti Smith


Evie by Stevie Wright

One of the greatest songs ever created.

Vincent by Don McLean

Heartbreaking song about a heartbreaking life. Always takes me back to that one Doctor Who Episode.

I Wanna be Your Dog by The Stooges

Dynamic raw energy

First Cut is the Deepst by P.P. Arnold

Incredible vocals that play your soul like a violin.

Ode to Billie Joe by Bobbie Gentry

Spectacular songwriting. Song and its images stay with you.

The Season of the Witch by Donovan

British Bob Dylan create a spooky atmosphere and adds a lot of humor.

Together by Kaytranada


Black Widow Spider by Parquet Courts

Deconstruction by Haru Nemuri

Absolutely incredible and dynamic song. Discover something new with every listen.

Fruitcake by Subsonic Eye

Everything an indie rock song should be. Singer has amazing vocals.

What Are You Afraid of by West Indian Girl

A song that splashes you like waves during a summer vacation.

See It My Way by Mikal Cronin

Wondeful song for a rainy, melancholic day.

Give Up by American Wrestlers

So infectious!

Chaise Longue by The Wet Leg

Incredible debut single! Dynamic, funny, melodically interesting.

Stacking Chairs by Middle Kids

There is something equally fragile and beautiful in the chorus that i can’t get enough of it.

Hug From a Dinosaur by Torres

Love distortions and this song is everything .

Propeller by The Mad Foxes

Pure raw energy!

Waiting Room by Fugazi

Funny song with great energy.

How Can I Make It OK by Wolf Alice

Beautiful, heartbreaking. Their whole album is jaw dropping.

Speeding by Lights

Dream pop at its finest.

Spring and by Summer, Fall by Blonde Redhead

Beautifully melodic shoegaze.

Eighties by The Killing Joke

Some riffs will never die.

There is a Place for You Here by Left at London

Beautiful modern composition.

Get Lost in the Music by Ambar Lucid

Never dropped acid or did mashrooms but I hope it is as great as this song by Ambar Lucid.

Red Bull and Hennessy by Jenny Lewis

Favorite and most perfect song I heard this year. Surely an all time favorite for me by now. Every second of the song is a 10/10.

Separate by Mustafa

Mustafa has all the potential in the world as a songer/songwriter!!

Hold You Back by The Quivers

A rare example of a realistic, honest love dilemma song. Plus beautiful arrangment.

Julia by mewithoutyou

How can one create something so complex, but so easy to listen at the same time.

Divine by Lexi Lalauni

Divine is what the vocals of young Lexi Lalauni are. Star potential, excited for more of her stuff in the future.

Medicate by AFI

Sure as hell did use this as medication during the last two years.

Forgive Me Philip by Brontez Purnell

Really hope Philip Forgave, cuz the song is great.

Perfekte Welle by Juli

A perfect wave of nostalgia washes over me. Thinking back to the days of early morning anime on RTL 2 and Super RTL.

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