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The Exegesis from Philip K. Dick’s VALIS

Tractates Cryptica Scriptura

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The Golden Bough Vol 9 by James George Frazer

This volume of the magnificent Golden Bough by James George Frazer handles a phenomenon called The Scapegoat. Now if you were raised in a Christian surrounding, like me, who grew up in a community that is 99,99% catholic then you will probably think that it deals exclusively with Jesus and his impact upon the world. […]

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Thais by Anatole France

Listen to the Librivox version. Props to the reader Rom Maczka. I don’t think there were any issues and managed to make every single sentence come to life. You can find more of his splended reading here. First time reading Anatole France, most certainly not the last. I went into the book blank, not even […]

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Quotes to Ponder #16

I count religion but a childish toyAnd hold, there is no sin but ignorance. Christopher Marlowe


The Golden Rule Examined

Christianity is one of the religions that prides itself most on the superiority of their ethics. One of the biggest, most compelling cases for such boastfulness (itself a sin) is the so-called Golden rule. TO quote Matthew 7:12 Therefore whatever you desire for men to do to you, you shall also do to them; for […]