Home and the World by Rabinandrath Tagore – Exiting the,, Cave,, 

Tagore is a role that model for me in a lot of ways, as well as one of the most beautiful craftsmen of the written word. Aside from from my desire to one day write and love every day sentence with such a loyal madness that he does, I would also like to create a […]

best of books

Best books read in 2017 

1. Julian by Gore Vidal 2. Flowers of evil by Shuuzou Oshimi 3. Dance dance dance by Haruki Murakami 4. Fullmetal alchemist by Hiromu Arakawa 5. Vindland saga by Makoto Yukimura 6. How Jesus became God by Bart Ehemann 7. Free will by Sam Harris 8. Romola by George Eliot 9. Home and world by […]