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Linguistic Intelligence and The Development of the Writer

In his book Frames of Mind, which some call seminal, (I wouldn’t really know, not a psychologist, just someone who dated a bunch of women who studied it) Howard Gardner proposes the existence of 8 intelligences. These eight are: Musical Intelligence – People with musical intelligence normally have good pitch or might possess absolute pitch, […]

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Platinum End Manga Review

Visually stunning, but not the best of endings.


Eidolons by Walt Whitman

Lo, I or you,
Or woman, man, or state, known or unknown,
We seeming solid wealth, strength, beauty build,
But really build eidolons.

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Run With The Wind

Run with the wind is one of the best sports anime, as well as tv shows I have ever seen. It follows a group of college kids who get tricked into joining a long-distance track and field club in their college. Their lives have been enriched, my heart was filled. I have gained friends so […]

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The Moon and the Sixpence by W. Somerset Maugham

Someone once said that “Great Men are rarely good men” in the sense that they totally buy in the moral codes, honors, duties of our or some ideal, society. The same is true for Strickland the main interest of this novel. I wouldn’t call him a protagonist or antagonist. He is what the novel is […]

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One More Time – An Fan Fiction Epilogue to “The Americans”

It was a poorly crowded arena that evening. Only around 1000 people were in attendance, perhaps less than that. The Vityaz Podolsk was playing one of their last games of a very underwhelming season. The plans were to get back in the upper division, but they had to settle for a solid mid-table finish. Among […]

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Quotes to Ponder #14

Wisdom only comes through suffering. Aeschylus

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Jordan is a Shonen hero in the flesh

This isn’t what I usually aim for, but sport is an art when the best players play and anime is Manga in motion and Manga is drawn so technically this fits the blog. A lot has been written about Michael Jordan, both from an athletic and psychological perspective, but non of those I find satisfactory. […]


Pieter Bruegel Sr. Landscape and the fall of Icarus

Pieter Bruegel senior is one of my favorite artists. He is considered one of the most important Dutch painters. Living through the sixteenth century, his primary inspirations were landscapes and the life of the everyday peasant. The painting I’m writing about today combines both of those inspirations as well as incorporating a famous Greek myth. […]