Agustin Lagos Atletico Tucuman Scouting Report

Athletic wing back prospect with overlapping center-back potential


Name: Agustin Lagos

DOB: 9.10.2001

Club: Atletico Tucuman

Height: 182 cm


Played fifteen games for the Atl. Tucuman second team, with a total of 1300+ minutes

Played 19 games for the Senior Atl. Tucuman team, with a total of about 900 minutes.

No experience playing for the u19 or u21 Argentine sides.


Blessed with a very impressive physical profile, Lagos catches your eye right away with his ability to maneuver the flanks up and down. He is extremely explosive down the flank, be it in transition, which he often likes to initiate himself or while making overlapping and underlapping runs. Uses his body, his combination of power and size well to win duels and shield to ball from defenders. More of a straight-line explosion than a change of pace type of guy. Has good balance, but the change of direction and pace look average.

Really liking his anticipation on the defensive end. He usually plays with a back 3, and is allowed to be more aggressive, both in terms of aggressively closing down players 1v1 as well as trying to intercept a pass and start a transition sequence. His ability to turn switch passes from the opposition into transition opportunities for his own team is probably the best I have seen in the Argentine reserve leagues this year. He is hard to shake if he closes you down or man marks you. There is a very high level of resilience and aggressive to the way he defends. He is very physical and will use his combination of size and power to unsettle his man once he gets the ball. You can see that a lot of the players he plays against can’t handle his physicality. Curious to see how it translates to higher levels of football. Combined with his height, he could be a very interesting overlapping central defender in a modern 3 system. He has already played this role for the Tucuman second team and looked decent. If the technical ability develops, he could be an interesting tweener. But if the technical ability stays to the level its currently is, he is probably a specialist in a back 3, either as a wing back or overlapping central defender. His play style reminds me of Stefan Ristovski, a Macedonian right back who plays for Dinamo Zagreb, and used to play for Sporting Lisbon.

The product of his overlaps, the crosses are a mild disappointment. He targets the right players at the right time, but technically it looks just ok. Both the speed and the curve of his crosses leaves stuff to be desired. Doesn’t really try too many first-time crosses, and for good reason. His overall technical ability needs to improve and leaves a lot to be desired. There are a lot of situations where you feel the lack of technical ability. The first such situation is when he tries to strike the ball out of a run, or without controlling it first. They are as a rule always wide from the desired target. The second situation where his lack of technical ability becomes apparent is when he is isolated on the flank and must go by a player 1v1. He prefers to kick the ball past his opponent and just run by him. But, if you let him advance deep into your area without the ball, he will struggle going one 1v1 in small spaces. There are no real feints or change of direction moves in his arsenal currently. Doesn’t use his weaker foot that often, unless its for simple passes back or forward. I like his vision and composure a lot. Has shown signs that he can play progressive passes in and around the ball, especially if it’s a midfield player making a third man overlapping run down to the flanks. Composure really on display when teams try to counter press his after an interception or won defensive duel. Rarely is flustered and makes the right play.

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