Imanol Segovia Racing Club Scouting Report

Extremely complete defensive prospect.


DOB: 6.2.2001

Club: Racing Club

Height: 191 cm

Dominant Foot: Right


 44 games for Racing II, with a total of 3600 minutes, 2 goals and 5 yellow cards

1 game for Argentina u20


There are moments when you just look at a person and you think, they must be good at X. Imanol Segovia is one such person. From the moment you lay your eyes on him, you think, he has everything to be a proper modern center back. Standing at a, for Argentina, whopping 191 cm, and with exceptional movement skills, he has the unique physical gifts to become a very complete and dominant defender.

As you might think, with that size he is a very dominant areal threat. While he didn`t manage to some of the chances he has had in his first season with Racing Club`s second team, in his second season he is scoring close to 0,1 goals per game which is an elite number for central defenders. But size isn`t the only factor which leads to him winning headers. He does a good job anticipating the flight of long balls or crosses, be it on the defensive or offensive end. Most of the headers hit the ball at his vertical peak. The jumping from stand still is good, while his jumping off two feet when he has space to accelerate is exceptional. For a player of his size and stature he moves extremely well. Has the speed and acceleration to stay with pace wingers and strikers in transition. Composed in duels, winning the majority of 1v1s both in transition and when the opposition has possession in the final third. The athleticism isn’t just for straight line running. His agility helps him stay with wingers who try to cut inside regularly. Knows how to apply the right amount of aggression in every duel. The combination of anticipation and composure for his age is impressive. Racing plays quite deep, so you don’t get as much chances as you would like to see him mark players. But in the few games where they were more aggressive, he did a good job marking and overwhelming forwards who drop deep to collect the ball. Anticipation is probably his best attribute currently. Reads the game extremely well on the defensive end. The best example is his ability to simply collect through balls, which are such a potent weapon for most teams. Teams who didn’t scout him properly will try and overwhelm him with fast ground bound crosses, but his too good in terms of anticipation and positioning. Crosses, both air and ground don’t really matter with him defending.

I would say that he has a solid weaker foot. In most cases he uses it to make easy back passes both with and without pressure from the opposition. But, when he isn’t under pressure, he can very well use his weaker left foot and switch play from one side to the other. You can play both possession based and direct football. Racing Club prefers a more direct attacking style, with him launching long passes or switches to the front 3 or 4 depending on if they play 433 or 4231.  The precision of those long passes still isn’t all there. But the l is hit with the right technique and has power. It is realistic that in a few years his long passing with be an asset for his team. Likes to keep things simple, spraying the ball around to safe options when the team decides to be less proactive offensively. Like his vision quite a bit and its above average for a central defender. While Racing stays deep and plays a double pivot you won’t notice his abilities to progress the ball. In Tanda they have a terrific progressive passer and deeplying playmaker and its only logical that they put most of the ball progression on him. But Segovia is proficient enough technically to carry the ball against teams who drop deep. He could also dribble towards the final third or find teammates with progressive passes. The overall ball progression is still more something you see in flashes than consistently, but its easy to imagine him being able to progress the ball both as a passer and ball carrier.

Its hard to put a cap on such a talented player. He is so smart and physically gifted. I think the will at least be one of the better defenders in the Argentine First Division for years to come.

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