Federico Gomes Gerth – Tigre Scouting Report

Marvelous Shot stopping Talent


DOB: 5.3.2004

Club: Tigre

Height: 193 cm

Dominant Foot: Right

Second Nationality: Portuguese


Tigre II – 12 games (all 90 minutes) with 4 cleans sheets

Argentina U15 – 4 games 1 clean Sheet

Argentina U20- 3 games 3 clean sheets


With size and attitude Federico Gomes Gerth projects as a very interesting hybrid of a traditional goalkeeper who excels saving shots around line, and a active passer and build up player, like a modern keeper should be. Lets start with him in possession.

Tigre are a more pragmatic team, which means they will ask him to approach build up in different ways. There are times when they will push their defenders up and tell FGG to slow down the pace of the game. Once every teammate is in position, he will launch a long ball forward. The combination of kicking power and precision is astounding for a player of his age. He will find his teammate free or in a good enough position for a flick on header 65 or 70 meters down the flank. This can give you a false impression that he can only do these amazing kicks with a lot of prep time, but thats not the case. When you watch him play for the national side, which plays more direct and with more tempo, he will frequently collect the ball, and drop kick it in an instant, without sacrificing either power or precision of his kicks.

He will often act as a third central defender or sweeper behind his defenders. He likes to play with the ball and isn’t scared of trying progressive passes, usually targeting his holding midfielders or wingers. The left foot still needs work. Aggressive pressers who show onto his left foot get him in trouble. While he does use it without fear, its not nearly as safe and stabile as you want it to be. There are times when he miscontrols it, misses easy passes or when his first touch with his left looks wooden. It doesn’t shake him tho. That part of his mentality is impressive. No matter the circumstances he is composed and focused. For a kid who is still a teenager to act as the calmest presence on the field is a rare sight. Also a supportive teammate who communicates with his backline well. Doesn’t shout and scream like a madman, as some goalkeepers do.

He is a very talented shot stopper. Has the size and reach to cover angles well. The level of concentration and attention to the man with the ball is ever present. Always positions himself between the goal and the striker. Hard to catch him out of position. Impressive reflexes. Saw him save both shots and headers that were taken just outside the six yard box. His handling is special. Has big safe hands and collects the majority of his the shots conceded without effort. Like an NFL wide receiver, the ball just pastes itself in his hands. Has a good eye when it comes to long shots, judging correctly most of the time when one will end up towards goal or towards the stands.

Can sweep efectively behind the defense, but you wouldn’t want a keeper of his size and average or slightly above average acceleration to consistently attack that space. But does a decent job both collecting long balls with his hands and failed through balls with his feet and recycle possession. When the opponent gets a 1v1 he prefers to rush outside but mostly to the line of the six yard box. Feels like an imposing figure with his combination of size and leght. Closes angles expertly even at such a young age.

His vertical jump in crowded areas is a bit dissapointing. Struggles to assert himself when dealing with crosses in crowded areas. I’m guessing that his still slight frame is one of the bigger issues. In those situations he prefers to punch the ball outside the box. Does it well. The punches are delivered with both power and precision, he doesn’t flail around for nothing. But in a more open setting and when the cross is a bit more of a floated cross he will exert himself readily and effectively, collecting every single slow, high cross with exceptional ease.

He is an immensely talented keeper. Its easy to imagine him becoming one of the top 3 goalkeepers in Argentina and playing for a club that is a regular in the Champions League.

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