Scouting the Argentinian Reserve League – Barracas Central vs Tigre

A very Angel’s with Dirty Faces vibes to this one.

Barracas Central

Maxi Andres Puig

Really thrives as a transition imitator and creator in the counter attack. Has a great range of passes and precise as well. They include both the ability to switch the play from flank to flank, but also finding teammates when they attempt runs behind the defense or are trying to fill the flanks on the counter. He is good both in defensive and offensive duels. Seems like he has outlier strenght when he is engaged in defensive duels. The combination of techical ability and a very good first step helps him thrive in 1v1 settings on the offensive side of the ball. There is a lot of flair to his game and the moves he makes. The best example of that was his successful attempt to get a counter attack started with a rabona! Has a good positional sense and can get interceptions when his team is defending deep, which they were for the majority of this game.

Alex Viollaz

Really impressed by his overall game. He was used on the flank, as the main counter attacking outlet for the majority of the game. Moves really well without the ball. Knows how to find space on the flank and offer himself up as an outlet. Also had a few good runs behind the defense as well. Good first touch helps him make all that off ball movement count. A fair amount of composure for a player of his age. Doesn’t get rattled by double teams or aggressive pressure, makes veteran like decisions with the bal for the most part. Really like the passing ability for a winger, creates a lot and helps maintain possession. The most impressive thing about him was his work rate off the ball. Presses well and is a very willing and very good tackler. One of his tackles created a good chance on the counter in the second half.

The rest

Kevin Farias – played right back, showed a lot with his passing, even created a TiB with one pass, throws the ball really long

Diego Tomas Bernal – Midfielder who works well as a press breaker. Good agility and dribbling, can progress the ball with his feet and break the press this way as well.


Federico Gomes Gerth

Had a few nice saves. Was safe boxing and collecting crosses. They used him basically as their third central back in buildup. Can really kick the ball. The range of his kicks is ridiculously long and has a fair amount of precision to them as well. Found wingers making runs behind the defense a few times. Does struggled under pressure.

Matias Espindola

Everyone you would want out of a advanced creative midfielder. While he isn’t the most corpulent player, he does a great job shielding the ball with his body and protecting it from opponents. Technical with good agility and first step, really hard to stay in front of, regularly dribbled passed one or two guys. Can get too over reliant on his dribbling ability and dwell too much on the ball, which kills the flow of the offense. Sees the pitch really well. The through balls he attempted didn’t connect, but he made all the right reads. Moves great between the lines. The team targeted him often as an outlet with progressive passes and he received them with ease for the most part. Has a bit of flair to his game, plays that will make you go wow. Can also make runs behind the defense, which he did really successfully in this game a bunch of time. He had two great chances directly 1v1 against the keeper, but missed both. It was like he was scared to shoot. He tried to dribble past the keeper both times, once the GK got it, the second time a player saved the shot from the line.

Santiago Patroni

Just a great traditional winger. Great 1v1. explosive, fast, good technical. Does a great job finding space on the left flank. Can also make runs behind it. Strong for his size, doesn’t get pushed around in defensive duels. Guards the ball really well with his body, which often leads to suffered fouls. Willing crosser, both from deep and from around the box. There is enough swerve, bend and speed on the ball, they just need a bit more precision.

The rest

Santiago Gonzalez – moves well and often, likes to try through balls, can break the press and carry the ball on the break,

Leandro Villar – Was really bad. He couldn’t mark his man, he really struggled positioning himself on the counter, and on the ball, he was really flustered against aggressive pressers

Cristian Romero – Played like a very solid overlapping fullback. Used the space created for him on the wing well. Had a few nice crosses both in terms of precision but also technique/speed, showed off a lot of good passing, particularly  with progressing the ball passing to wings in space.


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