Combine Darling Jericho Sims

Highlights are lies, combine measurements twice so.

Jericho Sims is a senior rim pressuring/dunking big man out of Texas.  Ever since the draft combine, his stock has been rising. Having a center with 40+ inch vertical seems quite appealing, and one would think he would be an out of this world lob threat. But, is it still wise to draft a senior center with ok production, no matter what his athletic profile is. Lets take a deeper look, firstly by looking at his OBPM and DBPM, which were 3.6 and 3.4 respectively. Here is a list of senior drafted senior bigs who posted similar numbers:

Jericho has by far the best TS and EFG, but his usage is lowest by a good margin as well. Him and Jerome Robinson are also very closely tied to the number one spot in FTR. The rest of the numbers are really problematic for Jericho. Despite being twice or trice the athlete of the rest of this group of centers, his defensive stats are the bad. The only good indicator is his steal percentage, but that isn’t all that impressive. What is really shocking is that most of these guys had twice the block percentage that he had. Now, Sims did play with Kai Jones and  Greg Brown, but 4.8% block rate is very poor, almost embarrassing for a player of his role,  dimensions and athleticism. Benson was the 48th pick and lasted a season in the league, Jerome Jordan was the 44th pick and had two seasons in the league with a three year gap between them. Bernard James was the 33th pick in the draft, but he was also a four years older than Sims. James lasted 3 seasons in the NBA. K.O was the 49th pick , and lasted more than the others,  a total of 8 seasons in the league.

Defensive Metrics

Sims posted a DBPM of 3.4, DReb rate of 22.1, steal rate of 1.7 and block rate of 4.8. Here are drafted senior centers with similar numbers:

This list gives me a more optimism that there indeed is a backup big in Jericho Sims. Harrellsson and Johnson were misses, but the rest of these guys were able to contribute. Plumlee turned into a really quality back up for a few years in Denver, but that is also due to his immense improvement as a passer.

Will the he be able to hit free throws?

Sims is an abysmall free throw shooter, with around 52% this year and his career. He had two seasons when he flirted with 60%. But his FTR is very high, and he is an immense athlete. Lets look at drafted senior bigs who posted similar numbers.

Faried, who had the longest career out of the bunch, peaked 70% from the line and had a career 65%. Iverson never played in the NBA, but he has been over 65% in his last few seasons overseas. Pittman is also between 60-65 in his career overseas. It is most likely that Sims will improve, but not by a significant margin. He might get to 65% but that is still subpar for the NBA.

Creation for Others

Creation out of the short roll is becoming more and more important. Bigs need to be able to spot open teammates once the primarly ball handler gets trapped. Sims posted a horrific 0.25 assist to turnover ratio, an assist rate of 5.4% on an usage of 17.6. Lets look at some seniors centers, drafted, who posted similar numbers:

Not really much reason for optimism. All of them seem like better passing prospects than Sims, even by slim margins. Zeller was an 1 assist per game guy, as was Sacre. Miles Plumlee got fancy his last year in the league, but apart from than he covered under a pass per 36 minutes.

Self Creation

Sims posted a FTR of 72, 2pt% of almost 70%,OReb rate of 10.2 and usage of 17. Here are drafted similar centers with similar production their finale year in college:

K.O peaked with 7 points per game, Dexter Pittman peaked with 3 points per game.


Sims looks the part of a star NBA center, has all the tools for it, but he is still a very, very risky proposition even for the late second round of the NBA draft. His upside to me, seems like a more athletic Kyle O’Quin. But the floor is Brice Johnson,who is currently playing in Japan. If it were up to me, I would give him a stint or two in the G-League and hopefully with some coaching those immense physical gifts could transform him into at least average rebounder, dunker and shot blocker.

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