A thrilling fusion of a spy thriller with a Sci Fi concept

The very concept of Counterpart makes you ask questions about yourself. Everyone of us has certainly wondered, would things have turn out differently if I had done X in time Y. In counterpart, a show about a universe where there are two distinct Earths, one is confronted with asking oneself, how many versions of myself could have happened. Or if you are an adherent of the multi-verse theory, which one of the many alternate self’s would I like to embody for a week or two.

The idea of Counterpart might seem Sci Fi, but in reality it is a spy thriller, with a lot of personal reflections on nature and nurture. It would be safe to say that, if you were to ask what the “Self” is, the creator of the show would answers, a cocktail.

The protagonist of the show is Howard, who is in essence a clerk in a government office that deals with the matters concerning affairs with the “Other Earth”. His wife, also works there, but she is much higher up the ladder. She knows about the “Others” he doesn’t. But things will get complicated, both for her and for him, and Howard will find out. This is one of the main conflicts of the show, Howard and his “Prime”. They don’t seem to be, at least at first glace, anything alike. The Prime Howard is self-assertive, secure in himself, and really a huge a-hole, where the Howard who we meet first is more laid back, more of a conformist, and a caring, nice guy.

There is a lot going on on both Earths. A lot of secrets and secret organizations. Getting into any part of it would just spoil the show for those who haven’t really watched it. But I will say that there is a character named Nadia, and she is probably the most interesting character in the show. And everyone does get curious about their other, some find the temptation too much to handle at times. Both words are very distinct, especially politically, and every difference is a bargaining chip for each other’s diplomacy. It is a really engrossing thriller show, with a wide cast of characters, every single one has been developed and turned into something worth contemplating about. Oh and yeah, that ending is really something.

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