NBA Draft 2021 Kofi Cockburn Scout Report

A Behemoth born in the wrong era.

Post Ups – Impressive force in the Post, but also has some skill and footwork. A True seven footer, weighting close to 290 pounds. Hard to not let him get position in the post. Can score just going by you, or using a hookshot or drop step. One of the best post scorers in the country both in terms of efficiency and volume. Scored on 54% of his post ups and had 8 per game. Great getting to the line with a FT rate 24%. The shame in that is that he got worse as a free throw shooter. Last year he made 68% of them, this year he made only 56% of them, and he got to the line almost 15 times. If he could get to 70% on his free throws he could get 7-10 points off FTs in the Pros alone. Doesn’t brick FTs. He has a soft touch, just needs to work on his form and release. Looks to score at all time, Rarely passes out to teammates, and when he does try to pass out , the passes aren’t precise, especially when he tries to find cutters. Teams didn’t double team him much, but he did shown signs of struggle to navigate around them.  Patient, doesn’t force things in the post. Really soft touch around the rim.

PnR Roll Man – There isn’t really anything you can do to stop him if he has a lane to roll. Finished on a stunning 83% on Rolling to the rim. Shown flashes of slipping screens and finishing strong at the rim. Teams foul him a lot of times, when he gets free on  a roll, 25% FT rate, some of that is naturally due to his poor FT shooting. A non shooter, never pops. Good mobility for size and strength. Only an OK Vertical athlete.

Cuts and Off Rebs – Generates 2.5 scoring opportunities out of Off Rebs, and 1.5 out of cuts, which is a very good 4 scoring chances out of hustle plays per game. He is as great at finishing those as he is when he rolls to the rim, 75% on both those types of hustle plays.

Defense – Elite rebounder, has a rebound percentage of 20%. Posted ok Drtg with 93 and DBPM with 2.2. For his size, not the most impressive shot blocker, his block% is only 5%. Doesn’t foul often, only 2.5 fouls per game. Solid speed and footwork. Gets in stance when he switches onto shooters. Watches the ball more, can give up chances for offensive rebounds that way. Easy to get him bite on a fake on close outs.

Heaven Version

Improves his conditioning and free throws, the rebounding translates, is able to learn and adapt to NBA defenses. A physical force on the offensive end that doesn’t hurt your defense too much.

Heaven Version Stats

16-13 with 1.5 blocks per game,

Hell Version

Only the rebounding translates, free throws keep him out of lineups. Conditioning nevers gets to where it should be. Become garbage time spectacle like Tacko Fall.

Hell Version Stats

6 points 6 rebounds

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