NBA Draft 2021 Miles McBride Scout Report

Is this the new and improved Jrue Holiday?

PnR Ball Handler – Exceptional half court playmaker in general. Had an absolutely elite assist to turnover ratio of 3. Struggled to score in the PnR tho. Scored on less than 40% of his PnR scoring possessions. Mostly due to overreliance on floaters and runners, which he is really bad at. Showed solid promise shooting off the dribble in the PnR, with 42% aFG%. Excelled at getting to the rim with a 66% FG%, and almost 15% FT rate. Created more than 3 scoring opportunities out of the PnR. Almost 5 assists per game. Composed, exhibits very good court vision under pressure. Communicates non stop.

Transition – Excellent transition ball handler, and 2.7 assist to turnover ratio. Turnover ratio raises to 16% tho. Solid finisher with almost 58% aFG%. Good at taking transition 3s. Likes to push it in transition as a ball handler.

Shooting – Impressed as a shooter in his season year. Took a average volume of 7 3s per 100 possession, and made 41% of them. Good at getting to the line, with 7 attempts, great at making them with 81%. Lights out catch and shoot scorer with 67% aFG%. Struggled off the dribble, below 40% aFG%. Can create for himself in the midrange, but still below average at making long 2s. Lights out shooter in Spot up situations. Made an insane 51% on No Dribble Jumpers out of the Spot ups. But really struggled to score with off the dribble jumpers with around 30%.  Can score at the rim, but doesn’t create many attempts.

ISO – Solid scorer and playmaker in the ISOs.  Rarely turns the ball over in ISOs, stellar 5% turnover ratio. Struggled to create shots of the dribble for himself. Great finisher at the rim in ISOs. Has a interesting combination of strength speed and balance. Quick first step, leaves defenders in the dust with simple crossovers. Excells in close games, One of the best college players when scoring with less than 4 seconds on the clock.

HandOffs and Screens– Basically unstoppable. Scored a very impressive 75% aFG% on those possessions.

Post ups – Loves to punish weaker, smaller players and is great at it. Scored a 71% of his post ups.

Defense – Was a incredible defensive player, for a guard his first year in college. With a increase offensive load his defensive intensity drop. But if you draft him, you can expect a very impressive defensive guard. Last year he had a 91 Drtg and a  5 DBPM, this year that dropped to 100 Drtg and 3 DBPM. Solid wingspan for his position, 6-5. Elite steals percentage of 3. Ok Rebounder for his size, and a 6% rebound percentage.  Struggles to navigate around screens at times. Rotates well. Good help defender. Can even Impact wings that drive at him around the rim.

Heaven Version of Miles McBride

Could very well become the second coming of Jrue Holiday, just better shooting the 3.

Heaven Version Stats

20-4-7 with 2 steals and 43% from three on above average volume.

Hell Version of Miles McBride

The defensive impact isn’t as great as it was in college. The shot comes and goes. Struggles to score anything that aren’t spot up shots. Becomes a good two way backup point guard.

Hell Version Stats

8-2-3 with 34% from three

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