NBA Draft 2021 Charles Bassey Scout Report

One of the safest bigs in the draft.

Post ups – Excellent scorer, but poor creator out of the post.  Shot close to 63% on post ups this season. Has a variety of post moves, his hook shot from the left block might be his most effective weapon. Soft touch around the basket. Gets to the line on a good amount, over 20% of his post up possessions.  Still a bit turnover prone with a 16% turnover rate. His efficiency drops and his turnover rate raises when he is faced with double teams. Doesn’t possess much vision out of his post up attempts, doesn’t generate quality looks for teammates.

Roll Man – Very good when rolling to the rim close to 70% FG%, atrocious as a pick and pop player, with an aFG% of 29%!!.

Off Rebs and Cuts – Hard worker off the ball. Gives his team two or more good strong cuts to the basket per game and scores 70% of them. If he played with a guard with a lot of vision he could have scored a lot more alley oops. Nonstop movement without the ball. Even more active on the offensive glass, where he gets over 2.3 offensive rebounds per game, finishing 67% of them at the rim.

Transition – Fluid and runs hard for his size and position. Great finisher in transition with over 80% FG% . Fast, with decent first step . Gets plenty of separation in transition with his speed. Capable of repeated sprints up and down the court.

Shooting  – Was used as a shooter more than in previous years. His shot is still largely unreliable, and a work in progress. But his FT% should give teams that draft him optimism that he could become a ok floor spacer.  Took 3 threes per 100 possession and made 30% of them. Got to the line 8.2 times per 100 possession, slightly above average and scored 76% of his FT, a really great rate, especially for a big of his size and stature.  

Defense – Elite rebound percentage with 22%, and it has improved every year since he joined Western Kentucky. Elite shot blocker with a 11.5% block percentage. Strong and positionally aware in the post. Opponents only scored 34% when he guarded them in the post. Doesn’t foul in the post either. Got better at closing out spot up shooters and rotating on defense in general. Struggles to defend in the PnR. Gets lost between the roll man and the ball handler. Struggles to contain skilled pick and pop bigs.

Heaven Version of Charles Bassey

Improves as a pick and pop and spot up threat. Motor, rebounding and shot blocking translate. Learns to bother shooters and ball handlers more.

Heaven Version Stats

18-13-1 with 3 blocks per game, shooting 35% from three

Hell Version of Charles Bassey

Even if his shot doesn’t develop, there is still a lot of good thing he can bring to the team that drafts him. Worse rebounder and shot blocker, struggles even more against shooters and ball handlers. Decent starting big or high energy big off the bench.

Hell Version Stats

7 points 7 rebounds with a block per game.

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