NBA Draft 2021 Matthew Hurt Scout Report

Unique shooting talent, but how bad will his defense hurt him?

Shooting –  Rare blend of size and shooting. Unique release, but boy does it go in. Scored close to 60% aFG% on his half court jump shots.  Even better on catch and shoot, where he posted a 61.2% aFG. Shoots with ease over smaller defenders. At times it seems like a smaller defender against him is no defender at all. Didn’t take many shots off the dribble, just 2 per game, but made them at an excellent rate of 55.2% aFG%. Improved step back. Shots its well above average from everywhere on the floor. Exceptional three point shooter. This year he posted a 44% 3pt% on 9 attempts per 100 possessions, a above average volume. Average at getting to the line and scoring from the line.  One of the best spot up shooters in college last year. But struggles to create driving lanes against defenders who close out aggressively. On the other hand, great at getting contact and getting to the line out of these situations.

Transition – Not the most athletic in transition. But very dangerous at both pulling up for three and finishing at the rim. Runs hard to his spots, knows where to go and what to do without the ball in his hands.

Post up – Dominant scorer and passer in the post. Doesn’t wow you with footwork all the time. But he knows to pick his spots. In most cases he will just score over a defender in the post, using fadeaways. Overall posted an insane 72% fg% on post ups, and got the the line close to 20% Of his post up possessions. Willing and smart passer.  Composed during double teams. Knows to use his size and reading of the court to create and find open looks for shooters and cutters.

Defense – Passable defender in college, but struggles against athletic players. Only an ok rebounder for his size and position with 11% rebound percentage. Needs to add weight. Boxes out but lacks the strength to do it efficiently on most possessions.  Doesn’t offer much as both a rim protector and shot blocker. Really struggled defending players in the post. Still lacks strength and footwork on that end. Teams got him in foul trouble easily when he had to defender a stronger, more experienced player in the post. Tends to get lost when attacked off the dribble by a good ball handler.

Misc – Former top 15 HS recruit. Top ten in Offensive Box Score this season.

Heaven Version of Matthew Hurt

Improves handle, strength, and overall athleticism. Gets better at defending guys off the dribble.

Heaven Version stats

20-7-3 with a steal per game and doesn’t crater your defense when his on the floor.

Hell Version of Matthew Hurt

One of the worst defenders in the league possibly. Doesn’t offer teams anything apart from spot up shooting, the post dominance doesn’t translate. End of the bench 3pt specialist.

Hell Version Stats.

7 points 2 rebounds per game.

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