NBA Draft 2021 Davion Mitchell Scout Report

Was this season a fluke?

Shooting – Mitchell is an outlier. Most players shoot threes that are around 40-50% of what their ft% is. His is a lot closer than that. He shots below 70% from the free throw line, but shoots over 45% from three. I think that he should revert back to being around 40-50% of what his ft% is in the future. If that happens, there is really no chance he is any better than a 35% three point shooter. For a player of his quickness, and also experience, being close to 23, he generates few free throws, only 4 per 100 possessions.  Shot a lot worse on guarded attempts, around 35% (where his three point should be based on his FT%) than on unguarded ones.  Was exceptional off the dribble with an aFG% of 57% and 3 attempts per game. Can pull up from two as successfully as he an from 3. Absolutely incredible spot up season. Shot more than 45% from both spot up 3 and off the dribble 3. Very good at creating driving lanes and scoring at the basket from a closeout. Size on the next level should be a hindrance. Has been a 30% 3pt shooter, when excluding this season, also just around 66% career FTs.

PnR Ball Handler – Versatile in the PnR when successful. Still very turnover prone in PnR, even if he is one of the oldest draft prospects in this draft. Will turn 23 before the next season starts Had a 27% turnover rate when he tried to score in the PnR. That rate will most likely rise in the NBA.  More of a creator in the PnR than scorer actually. Great at finding shooters all over the floor as well as cutters. Struggles more to create for the roll man. Also turns the ball over more when trying to get the big guys going. Great assist to turnover ratio overall in both half court with 2.1 and in transition with 3.5. His best weapon out of the PnR has been his off the dribble shooting. Only average around the rim, and has an ok floater game. Due to lack of size, the rim finishing isn’t all that likely to improve.

ISO – Very good ISO scorer and capable ISO creator. Has an aFG% of 57% as ISO scorer. Has lightinng quick first step, and enough experience to capitalize on that. Can hurt you with shooting right out of a ISO, or drive and either shoot of the dribble or attack the rim. Most of his ISO drives end up as attempts at the rim and he finished them with a respectable 58%. Willing ISO passer, quarter of his ISO possessions ended up as passes to open teammates, mostly for three. Can spot a cutter in ISO situations as well.

Transition – Incredible in transition, both as a scorer and as a creator. His 3.5 assist to turnover ratio in transition is elite. Mostly attacks the rim when the doesn’t pass as a transition playmaker. More likely to pull up for a transition 3 if he isn’t the ball handler. His aFG% in transition is an incredible 79.8%!! The only issue is that he an be turnover prone as a ball handler. More than a third of his possessions as a transition playmaker ended up as turnovers.

Heaven Version of Davion Mitchell

Keep improving as a ball handler and decision maker, the shooting season wasn’t a fluke. Good starting point guard on a up-tempo team. Defense translates.

Heaven Version Stats

13-3-5 with 2 steals per game and shooting around 37, 38 for three.

Hell Version of Davion Mitchell

Shooting was a fluke. Defense doesn’t translate. Becomes end of the rotation guard.

Hell Version Stats

5 points 2 assists shooting 32% from three.

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