NBA Draft 2021 Isaiah Jackson Scout Report

Can Isaiah Jackson become the best defender in this draft?

Cuts and Offensive rebounds – Very active player without the ball, generates around 2 successful cuts per game and makes them 61%. Often draws fouls from these situations, almost 30%. In general great at going to the line for a big and a freshman with 10 attempts per 100 possessions. Makes 70%, very good for a big. Generates around 1.5 offensive rebounds per game, equally efficient as with cuts. Gets to the line out of offensive rebounds at close to 25%.

Post Ups– Probably the worst of his offensive arsenal so far. More turnover prone than what you would like with 15%, but still gets to the line at a great rate, around 25%. Has a good frame, should be able to add weight and sustain his high level of athleticism. Should get more polished both as a scorer and passer in the Post. Has shown flashes of passing out of Post Ups. Still rushes to pass out of a double team, lacks composure and control. Footwork needs to improve.

ISO – Decent scorer out of ISOs. Has the athleticism to get by guys. If he gets by someone he is at the rim in a second, really hard to stop. Has shown some very interesting potential as a off the dribble shooter. Shot around 44% aFG on all off the dribble jumpers. But really poor spotting up.

Transition – Not a lot of transition possessions, due to the style of play but has really impressed. Fluid and athletic. Basically unstoppable at the rim with 73% makes. The only issue is when he gets a bit fancy and tries to take be the decision maker in transition. Those moments produce more turnovers than you would like. Overall a 22% turnover in transition which is bad.

Defense – Incredible defensive upside. Elite combination of size, length and athleticism. Has a good frame, should be able to get stronger and not lose some athleticism. Bothers shooters on closeouts with his length, anticipation and quickness. Not really prone to biting on fake when closing out, stays with the shooter, eliminates potential at rim attempts out of Spot ups. Due to lack of weight and strength still isn’t a really good post defender. Bothers post up players with his size and length but more experienced, stronger player get him in foul trouble. Flashed a lot of potential of being able to stay with guards and other ball handlers both in PnR and in ISO situations. Had one of the highest Defensive BPM in the country with 6.1. Very good rebound percentage with around 18%. Elite block percentage of 12.7!

Heaven Version of Isaiah Jackson

Improves overall decision-making, especially in pressure situations. Learns to handle a bit. Gets stronger, and doesn’t lose athleticism. Remains the high motor player. Improved understanding of the game. Develops as a spot up shooter, gets up to 35% from three.

Heaven Version Stats

14-11-2 with 1 steal and 2.5 blocker per game

Hell Version of Isaiah Jackson

Isn’t able to keep up with the NBA game. Foul trouble keep haunting him. Just another switchable athlete that doesn’t do much on the offensive end. Back up big, or energy guy off the bench.

Hell Version Stats

4 points 6 rebounds and a block per game

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