NBA Draft 2021 Cameron Thomas Scout Report

Can Cameron Thomas become the best scorer in this draft?

Transition – Quite turnover prone in transition, also more likely to try and score when they are better options. Likes to pull up from three in transition. Not the surest bet when finishing around the rim in transition. Overall had a 57% aFG as a transition finisher.

Shooting – Largest volume of threes and free throws in my database. Takes both, 12 threes and free throws per 100 possessions. Shot only 32% from three, but his free throws are elite at an 88% rate.  Based on his free throw percentage he is almost a guaranteed 40% three point shooter as a pro. Decent off the dribble shooter. Rarely turns the ball over in those situations. Really good at shooting long 2s with 54% rate. Combined with his stellar free throw rate, he should get to 40% as a off the dribble three point shooter. Can hurt a team in a lot of ways out of a spot up situation. He can spot up, fake, drive to the rim, or take a off the dribble jumper. His runner and finishing around the rim need more work, but could end up above average at both in the NBA. Much more comfortable and effective driving right , percentages almost drop by a half when he drives left.

PnR Ball Handler – One of the better PnR prospects in the draft, both in terms of scoring and passing to to the roll man out of the PnR. Still mostly a scorer in the PnR, with almost three fourths of his PnR usage going to his own scoring. Very low turnover rate with just 7 and a very good free throw rate of 21%.  Great at getting to his spots off the dribble. Can also find pathways and finish strong at the rim with a 64% FG% at the rim in PnRs. Needs work as a passer. Doesn’t possess great vision, nor willingness to pass. His overall assist to turnover ratio was below than 1.

ISOs– The overall percentages in his ISO possessions are great, but they show a lot of promise as an ISO scorer. Doesn’t pass often, but has shown flashes of finding cutters and open teammates for three. Likes to pull up for three right away, but usually misses. Really bad percentage of 25% on those possessions. Much better when driving or creating his own shot off the dribble with almost double effectiveness of 47% aFG. Knows how to create separation and score against bigger defenders.

Screens and Hand-Offs, Very good at using both, but more elite at using dribble hand offs to get to his spots and score. When his three point shot improves, he should be a menace both with and without the ball on offense.

Defense – Opposition often gets surprised by his strength. A number of teams have tried to take advantage of him in the post, but his strength and tenacity helped him limit opposition post ups to below 40%. Really bad at stopping or deflecting drives at the rim. Ok in close outs, at times doesn’t gauge the distance between himself and the defender correctly. Decent defender in the PnR, but can turn it up and become aggressive in the right moments at force turnovers. Almost 30% forced turnovers in PnR situations when guarding the ball handler. Not really interested in rebounding. A minus defender in college. Projects as a passable to good defender in the Pros. Prone to bite on pump fakes.

Heaven Version of Cameron Thomas

His three gets better, at around 40%. Improves driving and finishing with his weaker hand. Improves his floater game. Learns to create and pass to others, especially in ISOs and PnRs. Better decision-maker in transition. Brings more intensity and smart on the defensive end of the floor. His ability to generate free throws and three pointers translates to the NBA

Heaven Version Stats

25-4-4 with 40%+ three point shooting on close to 10 attempts per 36

Hell Version of Cameron Thomas

The three remains average. The handle doesn’t improve. The vision remains nonexistent. Struggles to finish and go by NBA length and athleticism. Becomes a heatcheck guy off the bench.

Hell Version Stats

10-2-2 with around 35% from three.

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