NBA Draft 2021 Joel Ayayi Scout Report

Highly skillful guard dynamo with intriguing PnR playmaking potential.

Transition – Very Good – Likes to pull up from three on transitions but is more miss than hit from there. But he is one of the best in transition at rim finishers in the draft with 77% makes!

PnR ball Handler – Excellent. Very Hardenish in pick and rolls. He is great at getting to his spots from three in the PnR. 11/19 from three as s PnR ball handler. Also great at getting to the rim with nearly 60% efficiency.

Spot up shooting – very good, again, seems to prefer the one side of the court.

Cut – Excellent Made almost 77% of his cuts, usually end up as dunks, averages more than 1 successful cut per game.

Put backs –very good – Active player around the rim on both ends, and that shows with the amount of offensive rebounds.

Very intriguing passing potential. Averages only three assists but has a 2.1 assist to turnover ratio. Combined with his PnR excellence, he could be a very interesting point guard on the next level. Great at spotting cutters and open players around the rim.

Amazing rebounder for a 6’5 guard with over 7 rebounds per game.

Good versatile defender. His the size, length and speed to keep up with players who play multiple positions. His frame does hinder him from fighting around screen, but does a good job staying with his man on PnRs.

Low volume on both threes and free throws. With 3.3 free throw attempts per 100 possession is one of the worst players in the draft. Takes 5 threes on 39,7% makes which is closer to average than below average volume. Seems to prefer the left side of the court while shooting. His three takes a 15%+ dip when he shoots from the left side when compared to the right side of the court. The form looks good, the release could be a bit quicker.

Heaven Version of Joel Ayayi

Ayayi is a dream player for most coaches. He is always active, he is versitle and skillful. There is a bit of Haliburton in him. If his shot is real, and he brings the same amount of effort on and off the court in the NBA he could be a good to great starting level guard in the league.

Heaven Version Stats

16-6-5 with a steal while shooting around 40% from three.

Hell Version of Joel Ayayi

The lack of elite athleticism hinders his ability to go downhill or get to his spots in the league. The shot doesn’t fall. Handling isn’t good enough for the next level. Turns into an 6th man on a good team.

Hell Version Stats

8-3-2 while shooting below 35% from three.

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