NBA Draft 2021 Cade Cunningham Scout Report

Transition Offense good around the rim with 57% , excellent pulling up for three in transition shooting 43%, settles for pull up 2 that usually fail to convert

Spotup, good three point shooter, excellent from the corners, good at converting long two’s from spot up situations

Iso scoring, lights out ISO scorer from all over the field, especially from three where he is shooting 11/18 this season! But struggles to get to the rim and also struggles to convert at the rim in iso situations with only 42% success rate

PNR scoring – If fhe pulls up from the middle for three he is excellent shooting almost 40%, but he really struggles to get into rhythm and into his shooting stance from both the left and right sides of the court, shooting an abysmal 25% for three on both sides. Gets to the rim a fair amount converts an OK 51% of his PnR drives to the rim.

Good footwork, composure and anticipation, on post ups.

Great shooter with good machanics, Shoots over 8 threes per 100 possessions, while making over  41%, and generates a good amount of free throws per 100 possessions with 8,5 and making over 85%.

Assist to turnover ratio is really poor with 0.89, due to ball handling, great vision and passing with both hands.

Not an elite athete, struggle to get past college guards.

Communicates both on offense and defense, playmaker off the ball, active offensive and defensive rebounder, boxes out, composed under pressure and while double teamed, Great at creating space with crossovers and stepbacks, good screen setter.

Even if he isn’t the most athletic player, he still bothers with his size, strength and length. Great footwork and anticipation helps him stay with players in Iso situations. Can get lost or blown by in PnR situations by faster guys. Sometimes focuses too much attention on the ball and lets his man fade to the three or backdoor cut.

The Heaven version of Cade Cunningham :

A player who is above average at everything you could be as a basketball player, excelling as a shooter and passer.

Potential Heaven Version Averages

26-8-8 with 2 Steals and 1 block per game , shooting over 40% for 3 and an assist to turnover ratio of 2.5.

The Hell version of Cade Cunningham

The lack of elite athleticism causes lack of separation, the shooting season was a fluke and he turns into a Evan Turner type, with a slightly better shot and defensive ability.

Potential Hell Version Averages

12-4-4 with a 1.3 assist to turnover ratio and shooting around 35% for 3, but fails to get to the rim and generate free throws, up and down defender.

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