Moriarty the Patriot

From the first scene onwards, Moriarty the Patriot is a delight for both ears and eyes alike. The animation makes Victorian London come to life. One aspect that really thrilled me was the way they combined fog with the gaslamps of the day. It made the night streets look like they were in a blaze of fire (fun foreshadowing). The music sets and directs your emotions effectively. I don’t know what it is but violins and demons just go together perfectly. Not that Moriarty is a demon, he is more, to borrow from a Sebastian from the Black Butler, “Devilish”.

I have not read enough Sherlock Holmes to go into the depth of how the character differs from the source text.

His devilishness is shown in the way he orchestrates violence across town and country. Loss is hard to bear, especially when it is sudden and violent. We crave revenge, think it is the only way we can get closure. And that’s where the devilishness of Moriarty comes from. He offers people the opportunity to get closer through direct and brutal revenge.
He does not do this out of some old-fashioned sense of A tooth for a Tooth justice. He uses people as a means to an end.

He wants a revolution. The world he lives in is horrible for the vast majority. The rich minority apart from Moriarty’s adopted brother is vile, selfish, disgusting, animalistic in their desires. Moriarty was to bring forth a revolution that will kill the rich and bring forth a better world. He is a judge and executioner. He does not think that these people could be saved. He is currently still just a Twitter Marxist who attended a few lessons on communism. But as the show progresses and I think there might be a second season, he might slip towards a Lenin or Stalin very easily. But he is still charming and presented as a man working towards the greater good. The nobility is horrible, but trying to accomplish class genocide can’t be the answer.

Luckily Sherlock comes into the picture and the second season will probably see them go head to head.

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