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Akudama Drive

There was one question that I never know I needed an answer to. That question is, what if there was a spiderman/Ghost Rider hybrid, what would that look like. If it’s judging by the way The Courier moves around, it is pretty cool.

The Courier is one of a number of archetypal rogues, called Akudama in this anime. They are criminals, living in a post-apocalyptic Japan. Following a civil war that went nuclear, one part of the country Kanto is overseeing the rebuild and recovery of the other part, Kansai. The Akudama, along with our ditzy protagonist; an ordinary young adult; are contacted by a mysterious AI cat and set on a mission that will shake, both literally and figuratively, the whole of Kansai.

Trailer for Akudama Drive

The show seems quite formulaic and lacks uniqueness in the plot/character departments but it makes up for those flaws in the way it tells its story. The pacing and world-building progress well. The animation is stunning and presented in a very unique way. There is a lot of neon purple in the show and still looks great. If you are a fan of gore or bloody, hyper-violent deaths, this anime will win you over.

My biggest issue was the ending. It is not very clear and I think it should be. There are a lot of sacrifices towards the final mission. The ending itself doesn’t tell us what happens to the two characters for whom everyone else sacrificed something. And it is difficult to figure out if the show is optimistic, pessimistic or just couldn’t figure out what its real ending should be.

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