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Thais by Anatole France

Listen to the Librivox version. Props to the reader Rom Maczka. I don’t think there were any issues and managed to make every single sentence come to life. You can find more of his splended reading here.

First time reading Anatole France, most certainly not the last. I went into the book blank, not even knowing anything about it and I really enjoyed it. It is totally my type of historical fiction, a mix of well crafted persons of a bygone era combined with philosophy.

The forth part of the novel, the Banquet was my favorite part of the book. Planing to reread the book mostly because I want to dissect the whole discussion about the attributes of God put forth in that part of the book. Which I really dig.

Superb ending, as well as the theme of ideas and idealism clashing with the real world and deep contemplative thinking.

If you want to read the book you can download it in various formats on this Project Gutenberg link.

Or if you want to listen to it with the Rom Maczka reading, download it from this Librivox link.

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