Rick and Morty- Mr Meeseeks as humanity


Rick and Morty is one of my favorite shows, which I discovered thanks to a wonderful friend of mine. It’s is rich in wisecracks as well as inspiring content for Wisecrack. Among the many interesting characters one of my favorite is Mr Meeseeks, a blue creature that springs into existence with one push of the button. I see them as a possible a bit crude metaphor for the human life. I will try and examine what each sentence Mr Meeseeks utters says about the human existence.

I’m mister meeseeks look at me

From the first breath we take and the thunderous cry that follows we crave undivided attention from someone. It’s starts with the ones who pressed our meeseeks box and expands through the years. We are selfish creatures thinking the world is ours. Luckily the world we live in thwarts that delusion bit by bit. Forcing us to realize that we are not that much different than everybody else. We too must fight daily to become something. Sometimes we struggle with what’s around, sometimes with ourselves. But the struggle is always present.

A bunch of Meeseeks struggle with existing

Yes sire

That thwarting of ego and self importance can have its own side effects. One of which is being too dependent on the needs wants or opinions of others. We look up to someone, often even idolize. But that often leads us to pain. Idolizing another human being only rips that person from his or her most human trait, that to make mistakes. Mistakes are what helps us grow, not just our mistakes but those around us as well. Life is short too short to idolize those like us. Create an idea of who you want to be and not a perfect mold of an idolized human being.

I have to fulfill my purpose so I can go away

More often than not, we identify with a singular purpose or role in life. For some it’s their job, for others a specific role in their family or community. That can lead to a one dimensional life governed by what the outside wants us to do or be. Once the outside casts us aside we are left hollow. To avoid this trap we have to remember that we all are more than just the job we do. Enjoy every detail in your life like you would enjoy every moment and every note in your favorite song.

Existence is pain

Life is hard. Nobody can deny that. But what would life truly be without struggle? Would life be fun if you lived it as if you were playing a video game with all cheat codes? Maybe for the first few moments, then it would just be a horrendous bore. Sure in a grand scheme of things it might seem minute , but every win, no matter how small is your own. Nobody can take that away from you. Cherish it and relish in it.
Embace the the struggle.

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