Mind melding song Oxford Town – Bob Dylan

This song has got a tune as catchy as its lyrics are a distraught reminder how widespread hate on superficial prejudice is still is. Over 50 years has passed since Dylan wrote this song and while watching the news or reading articles online one can’t shake the sad conclusion that much hasn’t change. At times tears well up in my eyes when I think about how little progress there is in such a, at least for us humans, long time. I remember reading T. Coates book Between the world and me where at one page he describes all the prejudice and hate he’s been through and telling his son that he’s probably go to through the same.

I can’t even start to imagine how hard it must be for a father to tell something like that to a young son full of hopes and dreams.
I guess deep down inside me the 18th century illusion or ideal, whatever one calls those things we keep inside, of perpetual progress screams in anguish and disappointment.
The political and social Bob Dylan is the best Bob Dylan.

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