Pinocchio – Road map to actual existence

Woe to those who lead idle lives.

More often than not we are skeptical of everything aimed at children. It producing any worth apart from making them laugh or capture the attention of their usually chaotic minds seems like a far fetched idea. I’m no better than most people in that respect. At least I was, than I read Pinocchio.

I can’t remember the last time I was so staggeringly surprised, on the positive side at least, by a book. Pinocchio, in my mind, always was that stunningly animated Disney movie, with what I now think overtly cute esthetic for such a serious work if fiction, portraying not only hardships, but also torture and even attempted child execution. What led me to pick up the book in the first place was good old blind trust in authority. At the time I was listening to podcasts and lectures by Canadian psychologist Jordan PetersonJordan Peterson . He mentions the book often, explaining how significant a road map to self-realization it truly is. Me, the sucker for the Maslow pyramid that I am, blazed through the book with Westbrookian space and force.

I was taken aback just how right Peterson was. Page after page I kept getting flashbacks to some of my favorite biographical works such as the autobiography of Nelson Mandela, Malcolm X or Augustin of Hippo just to name a few. It takes an mountain of mistakes, blunders, pain and suffering to become truly alive in this world we inhabit. The strings are mightily attached to our every joint.

Pulling free hurts immensely, scars covering our being. Nevertheless it is a path we have to take because we owe it to this most precious if gifts, Life.
There are books that should be read in one’s life, Pinocchio is one that must be read multiple times.

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