Mind melding songs Let down by Radiohead

There’s a seed for a lot of things the future can bring in our daily life, usually left unnoticed by the forces exerting their’s pressure on us all the time. The song is quite bleak and in places brutal with its message and portrayal of what’s it like when one hits the true rock bottom. The worthlessness of the self compared to a disgusting bug crushed in a equally vomit inducing way. To the many antidotes everyone reaches for in those trying times, often a bottle or rosary, equally useless in themselves as well as addicting.

But the line,, one day I will grow wings,, centers the message this song has in my opinion. It is on us to decide we want to be better and have a better existence. Much like in Fight Club, only through the worst kind of pain and reshuffling of our personality does the only true change for the better come. But even it starts with a sentence. I will grow wings.

As with yin and yang, the seeds for chaos are in the perfect order and vice versa, order can be achieved by getting a grip on the chaos that puts us in despair. But the key to understanding the chaos /challenge is to first say and than follow through with,, I will,,.

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