Rumors by Fleetwood Mac, Dealing with breakups

Nicks v. Buckingham

Stevie Nicks and Lindsey Buckingham were partners both romantically and musically long before they even joined the band. Legend has it that the band didn’t really want or need Stevie Nicks but Buckingham made the band take her with the ultimatum,, it’s either us both or I walk,,. During the process of making Rumors (the album got its name when John McVie commented during one listen through that quote,, It all sounds like a bunch of rumors,,) the relationship between them two came to a quite volatile end, leaving them both emotionally drained. I’ll examine two songs, one by Nicks, the other by Buckingham to see how they deal with the breakup.

Dreams by Stevie Nicks

*Now here you go again you say you want your freedom, but who am I to keep you down *

Nicks admited that in fact, she was the one who wanted more freedom and a fresh start, not Buckingham, so these two lines could be very well read as how she dreams /wishes Buckingham would behave.

*It’s only right that you should play the way you feel it *
*But listen carefully to the sound of your loneliness*

She understands and thinks it’s fair for him to be hurt and let it all out but pleades him to be careful. All the actions his heartbroken self takes could, in the future, bring more harm to him than her. She can’t help but care and worry about him even after the break up.

*Like a heartbeat drives you mad *
*in the stillness of remembering what had *
*And what you lost and what you had and what you lost *

Being with his own thoughts and fermenting his own memories will make him realize one thing, he’s the one to blame. He had her, fully and totally without a doubt in her heart, but that changed. Not only once but multiple times she was in and again out of love with him. As the third line clearly shows the breakup was quite a long and cyclical affair, which she blames on the way he behaved.

*Thunder only happens when it’s raining*
*Players only love you when they’re playing*
*Women they will come and they will go*
*When the rain washes you clean, you’ll know*

She’s pleading he understands that non of this is sudden, out of the blue. Everything is running its course and so have they. She’s not the one who will make him happy. Look on! Women come and go. But he’s still not ready to accept it, once anger, frustration and disappointment wash away, he will.

Go your own way by Lindsey Buckingham

*Loving you*
*Isn’t the right thing to do*
*How can I ever change things*
*That I feel*

It’s pretty clear and he knows it too, all this love he’s gotten for her would be better if directed towards another person, but the gigantic task of actually doing it seems impossible.

*If I could*
*Maybe I’d give you my world*
*How can I*
*When you won’t take it from me*

He would give her everything, every bit and piece of himself as well as everything she wishes for but she no longer wants anything from him

*You can go your own way*
*Go your own way*
*You can call it*
*Another lonely day*
*You can go your own way*
*Go your own way*

This realization angers him. He can no longer stand the sight of her, endure her closeness. So he with rage and fury tells her to go and do or be something different than he is or they were.

*Tell me why*
*Everything turned around*
*Packing up*
*Shacking up is all you want to do*

After she refuses to explain herself to him he acts quite immature and calls her a whore.
He feels like he’s the last man she wants even if in the his eyes nobody loves her the way he does.
Apparently during the recording session of this song Nicks walked passed when Buckingham sang the line shacking up is all you want to do. She went berserk from rage, stormed into the studio and tried to choke him with a mic cord.

Mcvie v. Mcvie

John and Christine McVie married in 1968, with my personal Jesus, Peter Green as the best man. Much like Buckingham and Nicks their relationship was deteriorating during the recording of Rumors. Christine fell in love with the lighting director and dedicated the song,, You Make Loving Fun,, to him. Meanwhile, the song Don’t stop serves as her message to John, hoping he looks forward to a beautiful future with someone new.

Don’t Stop”

*If you wake up and don’t want to smile*
*If it takes just a little while*
*Open your eyes and look at the day*
*You’ll see things in a different way*

She’s pleading him to become optimistic, and saying it takes just a little bit of effort to change his mindset

*Don’t stop thinking about tomorrow*
*Don’t stop, it’ll soon be here*
*It’ll be here better than before*
*Yesterday’s gone, yesterday’s gone*

What’s done is done. What happened happen. Don’t let your thoughts about whats lost chain you in the past and make you miss the new opportunities the future will surely bring.

You make loving fun

*Sweet wonderful you*
*You make me happy with the things you do*
*Oh, can it be so*
*This feeling follows me wherever I go*

The new love that found her has left her dumbstruck. No matter where she goes and what she does her thoughts of all the wonderful things he’s making her feel, think come galloping to her mind.

*I never did believe in miracles*
*But I’ve a feeling it’s time to try*
*I never did believe in the ways of magic*
*But I’m beginning to wonder why*

What she’s feeling is so unlikely that she’s can only conclude that it’s something of supernatural origin.

*Don’t, don’t break the spell*
*It would be different and you know it will*
*You, you make loving fun*
*And I don’t have to tell you but you’re* *the only one*

She fears change. Everything has been ideal so far. Being a official couple or taking serious steps don’t , in her mind, seem necessary. We are happy with what we have just stick with these new routines. Trust the way you make me feel.

Sidenote. It’s funny how successful most of the songs got. They play them during almost any concert. In a way they are also devastating lyrical revenge. Most of us have the moment, when our heart aches, woving to do something they will never forget, something that will always remind them of us and what they did to us. Buckingham, Nicks and McVie did that. Forcing their ex significant others to listen to songs that describe their heartbreak for over 40 years.

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